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Want advice on how to develop as a public health professional?
We offer ours, along with links to resources from others.

Varpilah, S. Tornoriah. “The New National Health Plan and Policy in Liberia: Opportunities and Challenges in the Reconstruction of a Post-Conflict State.” NYU Kimmel Center, New York, New York. 23 October 2007

Developing as a public health professional

Want advice on how to develop as a public health professional? We offer a few pointers.
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Interns at work in Zambia

Experience: Putting internships to work

Want help navigating the search for a productive internship? We consolidate ideas from a number of sources. While some of our recommendations are specific to internships, many can be applied to a job search as well.
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Public health students

Professional development resources

This page presents links to the websites of professional membership organizations, links to resources on finding a position within the global health field, and links to sites with advice on how to get recognized and accepted for that position.
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Want to learn more about public health? We recommend that you start here.

The site is for people new to the public health field as well as those who have experience and knowledge but who want to learn more. Each section serves a different but complimentary purpose, and we invite you to explore.

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