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These exercises are to expand your knowledge of public health and to add to skills that help to make sense of this world.

Test your knowledge of public health!

What factors determine the overall health of a population? What is the condition of public health globally? The answers to our questions may surprise you.

Assessing data quality: Infant mortality rate—Understanding a vital statistic

What do the numbers used for health indicators actually represent? How do numbers from one source compare with those from another source? This interactive exercise is intended to help you find and critically evaluate public health data, using infant mortality rates as an example.

Gapminder/Google motion charts: Making data come alive

This exercise is a tutorial in using Gapminder and Google motion charts to help make data visual—to make patterns and changes over time obvious.



Want to learn more about public health? We recommend that you start here.

The site is for people new to the public health field as well as those who have experience and knowledge but who want to learn more. Each section serves a different but complimentary purpose, and we invite you to explore.

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